MAD 4 World Enterprises is a media company
operated by Shawna Coronado that focuses
on producing educational and sustainable
internet length media and content.

Shawna also works with Mario Salazar in a
collaborative company called
78 Pesos which
is a video and television production company.
They work together to create video
experiences that show viewers positive and
make-a-difference concepts.

Covering green lifestyle topics such as
eco-travel, home living, organic growing, and
healthy cooking, Shawna Coronado typically
functions as writer, executive producer, and
spokesperson for the videos which currently
have received hundreds of thousands of views
online and allow viewers to see products and
experiences in a "real life" situation - making
the products, services and experiences
Shawna discusses more readily
understandable and accessible.

Partnering with corporate sponsors around the
world, Shawna and her production team build
internet length videos positively representing
products, services, and travel experiences.
These inspirational videos focus on the every
day person learning how to empower
themselves and live greener.


Corporate clientele collaboration and
sponsorship history includes Sears/Kmart,
GAIAM, Olympus Camera, Riviera Maya Travel
Destination (Mexico), Glenisk Yogurt (Ireland),
Chicago Flower and Garden Show, Ball
Horticultural, Burpee Home Gardens, Wave
Petunia, Pan American Seed, Aquascape Inc.,
Organic Mechanics Soil, Ups-A-Daisy, Daniels
Plant Foods, Texas Tomato Cages, Proven
Winners, Bonnie Plants, Clean Air Gardening,
Life Around Home, Lifetime Equipment, Belden
Plastics, Go Green Travel Green, and The
Conservation Foundation.
Link To Shawna's YouTube Channel to see more videos -
Please send an email to
videoproduction@shawnacoronado dot com
Organic Cooking Videos

Shawna produced a 10 part
organic cooking series in her very
own front lawn veggie garden
which educates the public on how
to eat for $10 or less.

This sample video shows one
video in that cooking series.

Link to Cooking Video Playlist on
How-To Videos

Shawna creates how-to videos for
sustainable travel, home, and
garden to empower viewers to
learn how to do it for themselves.

This sample video shows Shawna
on-camera teaching a how-to
garden project.

Link to How-To Sustainable
Garden Video Playlist  on YouTube
Eco-Travel Videos

In 2010 Shawna and her team
traveled the United States, to the
Mayan Riviera in Mexico, and to
Ireland filming amazing
eco-environmental experiences at
each location.

This sample video shows one
video in the eco-travel series at
the Rio Secreto cenote caves in
the jungles of the Yucatan

Link to Eco-Travel Video Playlist
on YouTube
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Video Production
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